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"Absolutely great customer service today(April 1st, 2020)! Our 2010 F150 needed some attention. Diagnostics performed and a solution was performed. Op..."

- Doug Treloar

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About Us

·                       As a member of ATRA, Lyons Transmission Centre pledges to ourselves and to each other to diagnose transmission problems for our customers and for each other in an expert and honest manner, and to state that the removal of a transmission from a vehicle in correction of its problems is necessary, only when this is the case.

·                       Lyons Transmission Centre further pledges to provide prompt and courteous in-car diagnosis on behalf of customers of other member shops free of charge (Members may assess a charge up to one (1) hour of diagnostic time for electronic testing and scanning based on the current Golden Rule rate provided the charge is agreed to in advance by the warranting Member).
·                       Lyons Transmission Centre further pledges to act with integrity, and to speak at all times in a responsible manner, and in all ways to adhere to the concept of the Golden Rule in our dealings with the motoring public and with our competitors of industry.
·                       Lyons Transmission Centre further pledges ourselves to the promotion and improvement of the automatic transmission service and repair industry through maintaining the highest standard so for parts and workmanship quality at our places of business.
·                       At Lyons Transmission Centre we further pledge ourselves to the continual training and retraining of ourselves and our employees, in order to keep abreast of the constant changes in the state of the art of our industry.
·                       Lyons Transmission Centre pledges to have ourselves and our employees tested and certified on a continuing basis in such a manner as will demonstrate the ATRA member shops are staffed with capable personnel.

Lyons Transmission Centre finally pledges that such transmission assemblies as we represent to the consuming public and to other members as "rebuild", will have been re-processed according to the Association Rebuilding Standards and Definitions as outlined in these By-Laws.